Superior Dance Floors

Our floors differ from all of our competitors, in quality, appearance, design, performance, and sizing.

Our new imported A Class floor panels measure 8 ft x 4 ft, scientifically sprung and weighted for optimum surety and flex underfoot - for the professional and social dancer alike. Interlocked in a “brick pattern”, our floors bind seamlessly, and minimize peaking, by only creating T joins at intersecting points (our competitors floors all have 4 way cross joining). This results in unparalleled smoothness underfoot, a more tensile floor binding, and an appearance unmatched anywhere to date. Our specially treated surfaces resist fading, discoloring, or darkening of the lumber, ensuring a consistent and even finish across the entire floor.

Debuted and featured at the 2019 World Salsa Summit to unanimous accolades from world class competitive dancers, and now also featured at social and wedding events, including outdoor open sky settings.

The floor is available at prices comparable to our competitors', in a range of sizes from small private settings, to full scale competition dance events.

Podiums, platforms, and props are also available, and can even be designed and manufactured to your specifications.

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